Proven technology

Proven technology
A multi-step process

Chemical pre-treatments
Cleaning tunnel

Our 5-stage, 30-meter-long cleaning tunnel uses zirconium phosphate. It is a continuous cycle which can clean and treat a multitude of parts rapidly and efficiently.
The chemical pre-treatment is a standard part of our process. Parts to be treated are degreased, then rinsed, and finally treated to ensure proper adhesion and resistance to corrosion.
This step is necessary to ensure the quality of the coating’s adhesion and the quality of protection against corrosion.


Electrostatic powder coatings
Drying tunnel and coating booth

After being treated in the cleaning tunnel, parts go to the drying tunnel so they will be ready for the powder coating. Dried and cooled off parts arrive at the coating booth where a thermoset powder coating is applied with an electrostatic gun. The gun imparts a positive electric charge to the powder as it is sprayed toward the part to which it adheres. Electrostatic forces make the powder adhere uniformly to the parts hanging from the conveyor.



Curing and cooling tunnel

After the powder has been applied, parts enter our 30-foot long convection tunnel oven. This curing process allows the powder to melt and fuse into a uniform film as it moves through the tunnel.
At the end of the tunnel, after a cooling period on a conveyor, the parts are ready to unhook. At this stage they are assembled (if necessary), packaged (according to your specifications) and shipped to the point of origin (client) or to his distribution network.



This process produces products that are uniform in quality, with brilliant colours and a coating 4 to 5 times more resistant than that produced by traditional paint (liquid base).
All the steps in this process operate on a continuous 160 meter closed circuit conveyor belt.

Pre-treatment and application is exceptionally rapid, because parts are ready as soon as they leave the cure oven. The process, from start to finish of a cycle, takes about one hour.