Our coating process

Our coating process

Our factory was built in 2005 in response to the pressing needs of a major client and partner, Fabrications TJD.

JAD has ultra-modern equipment for applying powder coatings (electrostatic powder coating). This is a continuous system, able to process a large variety of parts. The process includes the 5-stage pre-treatment, drying, electrostatic powder coating and curing.

Features of our application process are as follows :



Actual surface area :
Year established :

Production line capacity:

Maximum dimension of treated parts:

Pre-treatments :

Drying :

Application :

Coatings :

Curing :

Hooking, unhooking and shipping areas :
10,000 square feet.

Weight of part, up to 400 lbs per foot.

38 inches x 76 inches x 144 inches
(longer parts can be treated).

5-stage pre-treatment using zirconium phosphate.
Pyrolysis oven.

Tunnel dryer (45 feet).

20 foot coating booth with dedusting system.

Powders: polyester, epoxy, hybrids, anti-graffiti and special primers.

Convection tunnel oven (100 feet) 300 degrees Celsius.

Specific areas.