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Our coatings

Thermoset powders

Resin-based thermoset powders, when subjected to heat, melt and chemically crosslink to form a stable coating. They allow the application of coatings that are as good and even superior in most cases to liquid paints.

Thermoset powders provide the principal requirements of painting professionals: excellent protection against corrosion, improved durability, no VOC pollution, high efficiency and reduced costs.

Thermoset powders are used in every sector of metal transformation. Their use is particularly important in the automobile industry, home appliances, fixtures and fittings, metallic structures, piping and tubing, steel framing and extruded aluminum.





Five types of thermoset paint can be applied

Epoxy powders

These versatile powders are used wherever good resistance to chemicals and corrosion are needed. However, they do not adapt well to exterior use (colour fades).

Hybrid or epoxy-polyester powders

They are more resistant to heat and UV rays than epoxy and because of this are used for many industrial applications.

Polyester powders

They offer very good protection and resistance to weather and UV rays. It is mostly these powders that are used for architectural and exterior coatings.

Polyester urethane powders

They offer an equal or even superior performance than polyesters and produce good colour and luster.

Acrylic powders

Their use is limited and less widely used.

JADís technical expert is perfectly capable of advising you and helping you choose the type of coating best suited to your requirements and standards.