The Company

The company


Les peintures JAD Inc., was established in 2005 to offer subcontracting services for preparation and coating of metallic surfaces.
JAD opted to specialize in the electrostatic application of powder resins.
Some of the advantages of this process are that it is less polluting and is more competitive as far as quality and cost.

Even though JAD is a young company, our key personnel have the experience of several decades worth of work with the electrostatic coating process. Our preparation and paint application procedures are very innovative and efficient. In addition, they can not only meet, but also exceed most of the standards and specifications of the client.
Many clients have put their trust in us, are extremely satisfied with the results and are happy to recommend us.

The words quality and customer service sum up the JAD teamís motto.

JAD’s technical expert is perfectly capable of advising you and helping you choose the type of coating best suited to your requirements and standards.

NEW : 
We are now accredited for applying architectural coatings.

Ten good reasons to choose JAD
  1. Impeccable surface preparation
    Our 5-stage zirconium phosphate pre-treatment procedure exceeds standards. Also, it conforms with standard AAMA 2605-05. No chrome-based products.

  2. Incomparable quality
    Our powder coatings are extremely resistant, durable, and well finished.

  3. A vast choice of coatings
    Our various coatings are available in a wide choice of colours, finishes and textures.

  4. Large-scale parts
    Our process can work with large-scale parts.

  5. Multiple applications
    Our coatings can be used on most metals and on other surfaces.

  6. Quick bid response
    Your bid request will be answered within 24 hours.

  7. Rapid completion
    Turnaround times of less than 48 hours after receiving parts.

  8. Flexibility
    Unmatched service for packaging and shipment in accordance with your specifications.

  9. Competitive pricing
    Our large-scale continuous process allows you to save money. It is also less costly than liquid coatings.

  10. Respect for the environment
    Our process, from beginning to end, is environmentally-friendly and does not emit VOCs.